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Dianne prides herslef in being the best in the business for pro-ageing and wellbeing.

- The Pro-Ageing Guru's

With age comes experience, and wisdom; achievements that deserve to be appreciated and celebrated. So, with that in mind, how can anyone be “anti” ageing. We are certainly “pro” ageing. We are however focused on making people look, and more importantly feel, beyond amazing for their precious years. Our clients range from 25-85. You are never to old to take good care of yourself.

Just lately we have had a run of clients celebrating their 60th birthday. We have joined some for their party celebrations and OMG – they know how to party and have fun – looking and feeling fabulous. “Definitely better at 60 than 40 or even 30” was part of one client’s birthday speech. We were grateful and flattered to have been able to support that feeling. Superb!

It makes us laugh to call ourselves the ageing gurus, but we are, and we are embracing it. Taking care with our nutrition and skin care routine which is the foundation, but then some, with the vast range of non invasive, results driven technologies we offer at Rejuvenate.

Here at Rejuvenate we are anti “anti” ageing and definitely in the pro ageing camp.

Lots of love, Dianne xx.

Straight from the experts…

LOVE = Healthy Mind & Healthy Body

Has the festive over indulgence gone? February is a short month and if the damage isn’t recovered by the end of February you will be on the slippery slope and heading for the next over indulgence of Easter! It is very easy to add a few pounds at xmas, birthdays,...

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Here’s to a happy and healthy 2022!  Plan it in!

We are all now the product of 2 years of the coronavirus pandemic, and that will have likely bought all of us different challenges and various things we are all truly grateful for.  I would guess that health, and family and friends, are somewhere in everyone’s top...

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Tis the season to be jolly ……. healthy!

With all the talk of climate change, and after a last years Christmas midst pandemic, this year is most definitely a time for being thankful for what he have, appreciating family and friends, relaxing and enjoying good food and drink, and minimizing waste and over...

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Will taxing sugar and salt beat obesity?

It’s recently been reported in the press that Britain should put a tax on salty and sugary food. The Daily Mail headline from 15 July 2021 was “Snack Tax to Fight Fat Crisis”. For a long time now obesity has been a cause of much NHS spend and with COVID the costs will...

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July brings so much to look forward to..

July brings much to look forward to: glorious sunshine, the postponed Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, international chocolate day and a vast array of delicious UK grown pick your own fruit and vegetables. Artichokes, Beetroot, Blackberries, Black currants, Broad Beans,...

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It takes 3 months to create a habit.

It’s now over a year since our first shock lock down, so understandably many of us are really excited to hopefully this month see the controlled reopening of hospitality, retail, hair and beauty, leisure and the arts.  I am really looking forward to big hugs with my...

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