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Dianne prides herslef in being the best in the business for pro-ageing and wellbeing.

- The Pro-Ageing Guru's

With age comes experience, and wisdom; achievements that deserve to be appreciated and celebrated. So, with that in mind, how can anyone be “anti” ageing. We are certainly “pro” ageing. We are however focused on making people look, and more importantly feel, beyond amazing for their precious years. Our clients range from 25-85. You are never to old to take good care of yourself.

Just lately we have had a run of clients celebrating their 60th birthday. We have joined some for their party celebrations and OMG – they know how to party and have fun – looking and feeling fabulous. “Definitely better at 60 than 40 or even 30” was part of one client’s birthday speech. We were grateful and flattered to have been able to support that feeling. Superb!

It makes us laugh to call ourselves the ageing gurus, but we are, and we are embracing it. Taking care with our nutrition and skin care routine which is the foundation, but then some, with the vast range of non invasive, results driven technologies we offer at Rejuvenate.

Here at Rejuvenate we are anti “anti” ageing and definitely in the pro ageing camp.

Lots of love, Dianne xx.

Straight from the experts…

This month – I’m Egging you on!

Change often ends in a positive! The corona virus continues to impact and change everyone’s life and dealing with change can be daunting and uncomfortable for many. Change often puts us out of our comfort zone and it is then when we are forced to be brave and take...

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How sharp’s your saw and will it really help save the NHS?

Last month in my article I shared research ultimately concluding that being overweight can put you at higher risk of more serious complications arising from Covid 19 and it recommended healthy, balanced diet and exercise options. Well, you can imagine how delighted I...

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Healthy body and healthy mind has never been more important!

As the country begins to get back to a new normal we need to remember above all else to be kind, everyone will be at a different stage, with a different set of pressures and mental and physical states, so above all else, now is the time, not for judging, but...

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CACI masks really hydrate and tone the skin!

Self-care and maintenance have become more critical than ever, as visiting the professionals eg dentist, chiropodist, beautician, optician has become more of a challenge. As they reopen they will likely not have the same capacity to deal with and many clients as...

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Protect your health with immune boosting nutrition

Last month I promised to tell you about my wedding preparations for one of my nearest and dearest getting married. As I write, I have no idea whether the imminent wedding will go ahead or not, but it seems a little futile of me to report my face and body...

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Spring into Spring!

Hopefully February enabled you to plan and deliver some LOVE for your body and mind? If not, it is never too late to take control. We are now heading to Spring, and as the days start drawing out it is a great time to enjoy the outdoors more and treat yourself to fresh...

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Healthy mind + Healthy body = LOVE!

First things first .... Has the festive over indulgence gone? If you answer no, you need to address it sooner rather than later! February is a short month and if the damage isn’t recovered by the end of February you will be on the slippery slope and heading for the...

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New Year – Same old me? NO WAY!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a happy and healthy Xmas and New Year? Happy and healthy certainly go hand in hand, and allows us to enjoy this precious gift of life. Giving your body the correct fuel is at the heart of that healthy - healthy body and healthy...

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Christmas is coming, the goose is choosing NOT to get fat!

Dianne, who is a self-confessed sugar addict, has battled auto immune disease, knee and back issues, and narrowly avoided diabetic and cholesterol medication from being grossly over weight. She turned it around nearly 10 years ago and now enjoys great health as she...

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Brighten & Liven up your Skin!

To brighten up your skin, exfoliate twice a week on an evening after cleansing, then once a week after exfoliation apply a moisture mask. "We love the hydro mask, it has hyaluronic acid and rose water which will hydrate and brighten! Im looking for makeup that does...

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