Dianne, who is a self-confessed sugar addict, has battled auto immune disease, knee and back issues, and narrowly avoided diabetic and cholesterol medication from being grossly over weight. She turned it around nearly 10 years ago and now enjoys great health as she careers into her 50s. HYPOXI, a technology that eliminates stubborn fats, improves circulation, the lymphatic system and skin tone and texture, changed her life.

Your body is like a finely tuned machine, and I can’t stress enough the need to fuel it right. Many illnesses and injuries can be avoided by eating and drinking healthily. Yes, it is that serious! If you put diesel in a petrol car, it will splutter, and our body is no different. Eating processed foods can cause similar effects. The instant reaction from many is “I don’t eat processed”. However, I would strongly recommend looking in your cupboard. A mighty high percentage will likely be processed! If it keeps a long time in your cupboard, it figures that it will keep a long time in your stomach! Our organs can, especially as we age, struggle to break down the chemical additives and artificial preservatives in processed food, which leads to increased fats that can cause heart disease, type II diabetes and strokes.

Don’t let Christmas drag you down and launch you into January with the blues. Enjoy it more, making a conscious decision to follow these healthy tips…

Christmas is a marketeer’s dream. Don’t get sucked in! Tubs of chocolates – there is always a multiple buy offer. Don’t be tempted! How many January’s have you been faced with the dilemma of do you eat them or do you bin them?! Buy the treats to last you the one day – Christmas is one day, not the month!

So, what should we be eating? How can we treat ourselves over Christmas and live to tell the tale? The answer lies in the farm shops, the butchers and the fish mongers! Instead of offering a sandwich on the buffet table, offer the meat and fish separately from the breads. That way your guests have a refreshing choice to eat a plated meal or make their own sandwich, and it saves yourself preparation time and curled sandwich left overs! Colourful salads with milled mixed seeds offer the full complement of vitamins and minerals. Organic, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar make a healthier and tasty alternative dressing to salad cream and

Drink a glass of water before each meal. Fresh fruit infused water – cranberries, orange, and cinnamon – hot or cold, will give it an extra festive treat! This simple habit will help prevent over eating, and boost your energy levels, not to mention the skin benefits! Drink another glass of water after your meal and it will help your digestion.

Everyone knows to move more, and eat less, but it’s not always that simple for everyone.

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them by emailing Everyone knows to move more, and eat less, but it’s not always that simple for everyone. If you have any questions, I am happy to
answer them by emailing dianne@rejuvenateathypoxi.co.uk

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