Self-care and maintenance have become more critical than ever, as visiting the professionals eg dentist, chiropodist, beautician, optician has become more of a challenge. As they reopen they will likely not have the same capacity to deal with and many clients as previously, so home self-care is essential. In our Salon
we have been keeping clients supplied with homecare to treat their skin in the best possible way whilst still at home. I know that we have access to prescription products that can’t be bought online or over the counter without the advice of a trained professional.

We recommend products tailored to the client that will give maximum results in the home environment. Many of our clients for example, have incorporated ‘rollering’ into their daily skincare routine. Micro needle rollers stimulate collagen, whilst the stone rollers coupled with a CACI mask for example, really hydrates and tones skin. It’s always an idea to seek advice from your local professionals. Most businesses are now open and happy to provide advice remotely, I know we are always happy to receive facebook messages, web contacts, or emails and I’m pretty sure other small businesses would be too.

As the country begins to get back to a new normal we need to remember above all else to be kind, everyone will be at a different stage, with a different set of pressures and mental and physical states, so above all else, now is the time, not for judging, but respecting others, and being kind.

I would love to hear of any changes you make for the better, so please share them with me on

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them in the next edition and will of course report back on my wedding face and body preparations!

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